Locked Re: is firefox quantum now works well with nvda without any crash or major issue?


Well I am pleased I don't use any quantom brousers not even waterfox quantom.

The classic brouser is stable.

On other systems everyone uses chrome.

On 7/07/2020 5:16 am, Luke Davis wrote:
I have seen significant Firefox instability on a single Windows 7 system that I help someone with routinely.

It will often freeze and stop responding, usually on first tab open, to the point that I gave him a desktop shortcut with a shortcut key, that kills any Firefox process when pressed.

It doesn't seem to matter if the system is newly booted, has been running for a while, or if this is the first FF session of the day, or the third, or the second locking up one in a row.

I can't find any pattern to it, except that it seems to happen more often than not.

Latest Firefox, and updated Win 7 (as updated as it gets, anyway).

It is a pro-bono remote support situation, so I can't really do much to diagnose and deal with this, but I just wanted to point out at least one "complaint" with Firefox on Win 7.


On Sun, 5 Jul 2020, Gene wrote:

First, you can't use Firefox 51 forever. Old browsers gradually work with fewer and fewer sites.  Try the latest version of Firefox and see if it crashes or not on your Windows 7 system.  You can try the portable version since that alters nothing on your system. You can continue to use your beloved years out of date dangerous version if you wish and evaluate the current portable version.  Many people are using Firefox, the latest one, and I've seen no pattern of complaints.  While I don't use firefox much, I haven't had problems with more recent versions.

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