Re: ClipSpeak doesn't seem as reliable as

Luke Davis

What version of Clipspeak, and what version of NVDA and Windows are you using?

I just downloaded Clipspeak 1.1, installed into NVDA Alpha, on Win 10 update 2004.

In firefox, I selected a bunch of lines, and pressed ctrl+c. I heard "Copied text".
I then opened notepad, and pressed ctrl+v, for which I heard "Pasted text".
Lastly, I selected all and pressed ctrl+X, and heard "Cut text".

It seems to be working as expected.


On Mon, 6 Jul 2020, Gerardo Corripio wrote:

Aside from ClipSpeak, which supposedly tells you when you copy, paste, cut etc., which other AddON or solution is  there? Using ClipSpeak Control+x doesn’t
say anything here at my end, even though when I’ve gone into Input Gestures area/Clipboard  from withinSettings (its Shortcut is n), and Control+x is
assigned! Any other thoughts, or Addons I could try that would tell me when I copy, Cut etc?

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