Re: Focus Issues on Facebook Desktop Site Using Firefox

Bhavya shah

Hi all,

I too have been facing general focus issues with
whether on Firefox or on Brave (a derivative of Chrome). In general,
my recommendation is to use instead which gets most of
the job done with a far more accessible interface. The reason why I
need to sometimes switch to is to fully use Messenger,
for which the mobile site has only basic support. Even in those short
durations, troubles me sufficiently.
On another note, I have just checked the Automatically set system
focus to focusable elements check box in NVDA's Advanced Settings to
see if it makes a difference. Are there any known side-effects of this
that I should be aware of? Please let me know.


On 6/29/20, William Wong <> wrote:

I am not sure about this, cause Facebook had been altering its design
this or last month, which IE may have bben working well with the old
site, but not the current site.

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