locked Re: is firefox quantum now works well with nvda without any crash or major issue?

JM Casey

Edge is closer to Chrome than Chrome is to Firefox. A lot of the new browsers are Chromium-based (new versions of opera and Vivaldi are also, as well as Brave and many others). It might be good to have a non-Chromium based browser, like Firefox, around. It *is* slower though, if you care much about that.




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Preach it! I didn’t like it either when I had windows 7. I don’t have it on this system. I don’t intend to install it here. All the browsers like Chrome are like it. So, why would I want firefox here? I got Microsoft edge and Chrome here they are a like.


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I actually hate firefox. I use the latest what ever that is on windows 10 and it slows my system to a crawl. I'll use it for testing stuff, but I prefer brave. By the way I'm running windows 10 2004 and nvda 20.x and I will not touch FF unless i have to.


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On 5 Jul 2020, at 16:35, Sean wrote:

No version of Firefox is compatible with NVDA than Chrome.
It is also valid for Quantum.

I really wanted to use Firefox.
But just like your problems, crashes occurred.

On 05/07/2020 18:58, zahra wrote:

hello every one.
as you know,
i use windows xp and firefox 52 with nvda versions 2017.2 and 2017.3.
my only browser is firefox and i really cant tolerate other browsers.
i had issue of firefox crashes in firefox old versions with nvda.
but did not observe firefox crashes at least in firefox 45!
once, i could access windows seven and i tested firefox 61
the crashes returned frequently.
so, i observed firefox crashes in 30 minute of using firefox!
even in simple web pages like nvda user guide,
and my gmail interface which is in basic html view,
i had frequent crashes and firefox 61 was completely unusable for me!
when testing with windows seven, i only used and tested firefox 61
with nvda 2017.2.
 and i did not have nvda 2017.3 on that time.
i know one person who has a laptop from 2009 and for this reason, He
migrated to chrome!
i really wish some experts,
and who use only firefox and compare versions,
especially users of old laptops,
help me that
1. is frequent crashing of firefox quantum with nvda is resolved or not?
if the issue is resolved,
and mozilla released a stable version of firefox without crashes like
firefox 56 and before,
please give me exact version number.
for example: tell me that firefox since version xxx became completely
stable as it was before firefox quantum.
i searched in the internet and found only this link.
can someone please help?
can i use one day firefox quantum with nvda 2017.3 without any issues?
or, i should use firefox 52 forever?
thanks so much every one and God bless you all!



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