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Hi Joseph,
Trust me, I wouldn't take it badly if you did.
I guess that's what happens when a beginner tries to code something useful without knowing how the infrastructure around it works.
Having said that, nobody can say I didn't read the dev docs. I just didn't understand most of them. But I was determined not to throw in the towel at that point. If I'd known what an embarrassing piece of junk I was going to spew forth...
Three years of hard study, a few months of coding, and three years of reflection. Yup. I think we can safely say I definitely failed that test!
If it's any consolation, I don't even use Clipspeak myself anymore.

On 06/07/2020 11:19 pm, Joseph Lee wrote:
Okay, a few things for everyone:
* Is this related to NVDA language: actually, no. If it was, then it
would be something NVDA translators would have been aware of. A key
piece of information translators need is add-on gestures, and for
this one, there is none for languages other than English. How we
ended up with this is beyond the scope of this forum – all I can say
is that ClipSpeak wasn’t registered with translations workflow, and
it won’t be made translatable for some time (due to another work
that’s being researched, which is again beyond the scope of this list).
* Is NVDA supposed to announce “cut” all the time: no. If the
currently focused control does allow you to cut or copy text using
how NVDA does it (say, in browse mode), it is supposed to use
whatever facility NVDA provides. If not, it is supposed to send the
command to the program you are using.
* Clipboard content matters: even if you do cut something, NVDA won’t
announce things you have just cut. ClipSpeak supports text, parts of
text 9such as words), and files and folders. Also, item must be
selected (for example, text must be selected) before NVDA can say
* Where you are located matters: even though you are working with a
file, not all edit fields will tell ClipSpeak to announce clipboard
messages. This is more so if the text field is read-only.
Based on this, I think one or more of the following might be happening:
* No text selected
* Jarte does not support operations necessary for ClipSpeak add-on to
speak the appropriate clipboard message
* Wrong command was sent to the application
* NVDA didn’t recognize that the clipboard contains text
For resident geeks here: I must say ClipSpeak add-on source code is quite an interesting read. It isn’t up for me to critique the author of this add-on, but I think folks may wish to work on improving this add-on somehow.
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Joseph and lister
Just tried the Control+x command on Jart, but no go! It doesn’t say Cut text. I again went into NVDA+n; p for Options, and N to get into the Input Gestures area; from there into Clipboard. I arrow down to where it says Cut, and it says one of one Control+x, thus I can’t get why isn’t it saying Cut text if the option is set up right? Any other ideas aside from deleting and reassigning Control+x?
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Hmmm, I think I know why. Can you tell us exactly how you are doing this – that is, tell us how to reproduce the issue? Only then I will tell you what’s happened.
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And which is what I have as well installed since yesterday. Remember I use Windows in Spanish, thus I went into check within the Clipboard subsection ofInput Gestures, and the Control+x is as it should.
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        I omitted that the version currently downloading from the official add-on page you supplied,, is ClipSpeak 1.1, which is what Luke stated he just downloaded in an earlier post.
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