locked Re: is firefox quantum now works well with nvda without any crash or major issue?


Lots of good information has been shared in this topic, but it has also now been thoroughly exhausted.  It is being locked.

Takeaways should be:

1.  Any given program can crash for any one of a number of reasons.

2.  If that program is one you absolutely must use, then going through the diagnostic steps to determine the cause of the crash will be necessary.  If there exist alternatives, then at least in the short term, using those should be explored.

3. Certain web browsers can be very cranky about certain web pages or web sites.  If that's the case, definitely try another browser to access said web pages or sites.

4. NVDA has been working fine with the currently supported versions of all mainstream web browsers, and some less than mainstream ones, as a general rule.  This strongly suggests that crashes for anyone are likely to be idiosyncratic to something about their own machine's ecosystem.  What that something is would require going through the sequence of diagnostic steps necessary to narrow it down.

5. The use of out-of-support software, be it web browsers, operating systems, or otherwise is bound to eventually lead to issues.  Always has, always will.  Software, like hardware (and not just computer hardware), has a finite service life and it is expected that it will need to be replaced at predictable intervals.


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