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Thanks, Brian V--those links are really helpful.

On 7/7/20, Brian Vogel <> wrote:
Hello All,

What follows is a request that is for your benefit as a member, and the
benefit for those who administer whatever groups you may be a member of on

Every time you subscribe anew, you are put back on moderated status until
your first message is approved by the group owner or moderator.  This is how does things by default, and it's a great spam control mechanism.
And if you unsubscribe, and later subscribe again, you are treated as though
you are a brand new member and will be put on moderated status until your
first message (for the most recent subscription cycle) is approved.

This can be easily avoided by not unsubscribing from a group if you decide
you want a vacation from it for a while, but suspect you'll want to jump
back in again later.  Sending a message to (or
the equivalent for whatever group you wish to take a vacation from) will
immediately suspend delivery of all group email to you, regardless of
whether you were receiving it as individual messages, digests, or other
format you chose.  You can resume email participation again, without losing
your member status or being subjected to new member moderation, if you use
the nomail address to suspend messages.  To jump back in again send a
message to one of the following, depending on the message delivery you

* ( ) deliver each
message posted to the group to your inbox
* ( ) deliver
a full-featured digest
* ( ) deliver a
plain-text digest
* ( ) deliver a
daily summary

Email from any group can be managed that way for a group you
really aren't intending to permanently leave.  It makes your rejoining, when
you do it, instantaneous with the same unmoderated status you had prior to
stopping email delivery.  It also makes it easier for group owners and
moderators, who won't have to approve you again.

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