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On Wed, Jul 8, 2020 at 01:43 PM, Jackie wrote:
but he likely doesn't use speech as his primary means of information gathering like we do.
Certainly not for computer access, anyway!!

I have corresponded with Giles off-list, but what I'm about to say is from my side, and not private.  I am often astounded at the speech rates from synthesized speech that's comprehensible to many blind users of screen readers.  I've had a number of clients where I cannot understand a blessed thing that's being said at the rate they're comfortable listening at, and fully comprehending what they're hearing.

But when your primary sense mechanism for computer presented information is audition, you're bound to get much, much better with that.  It reminds me (age alert here) of when I used to see women in transcription pools sitting at their typewriters with their Dictaphone headsets on.   Many (most, probably) had typing rates at or above 100 words per minute, and would listen to the dictated content they were transcribing at just about that rate when doing so.  I could no sooner do either of those things, listening or typing at that rate, than fly to the moon under the power of my own arms!

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