Re: NVDA saying unknown again in browsers



            Unless there is something specific in Pro that you simply must have, I see no compelling reason to change edition from Home to Pro.  It's really a personal choice.  I'd still be on Home except for the fact that I have enough clients on Pro that when I need to troubleshoot something "Pro-specific" it's handy to have one machine that has Pro.  All the other Windows 10 machines in my household are Windows 10 Home.


             No great surprise there, and I'm glad that a demonstration has been made of the "intelligence" of the Windows 10 installer.  There was a time where you could actually force update a machine that was displaying the "not quite ready" message in the Windows Update Pane.  This never made the slightest sense to me, as if Microsoft deems the hardware "not ready" it's not ready, and any one of the ways of upgrading to the next Feature Update should detect that, and give a, "Whoa, Nelly!!," type message saying that the update cannot yet be done.

              Whatever method it was you used to try to force it clearly detected the "not ready" state and aborted, as it should.  That is, unless I'm misreading you and you're saying that you manually aborted a force update as soon as you had the opportunity after kicking it off.  In which case, ignore all that came before.

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