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Cearbhall O'Meadhra



Yes, I agree that Tylers recommendation is excellent and I have it kept for future use.


I tried to upgrade today and the Windows Update stopped and said that Microsoft could not accommodate my settings or something similar but soon would be able to accommodate everything.  So, I have decided to sit tight and wait.


I should mention that the unknown issue is not mine but something I am helping another person with.



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Hi Cearbhall


I am running the latest version of Windows 2004 stable and I have no problems with any of the browsers or nvda saying unknown etc even down on the task bar etc.


They say its a big job to upgrade and unless there is a killer feature you need to use the end of the day it is up to the user.


Did you also see the reply from Tyler just in case you missed it?



My guess is this is an instance of #9039. To avoid a lot of back and forth, let's assume it is; if it's not, no harm done.

1. Run the COM Registration Fixing Tool, follow its prompts, and reboot just for good measure. If it fixed it, then great, nothing to worry about and you can stop here.

However if that didn't fix it (which I doubt it would), please do the following, assuming you have an installed copy of NVDA 2019.3 or higher:
1. Press windows+r to open the run dialog.
2. Type nvda
3. Press control shift enter and answer yes to the prompt that appears to run as administrator.
4. When NVDA restarts, open the python console either with NVDA+CTRL+z or in the tools menu.
5. Paste this long line in and hit enter. If you're using teamviewer, I'm not sure how you get the clipboard across; maybe it does it automatically.

import comtypes,ctypes;p=comtypes.typeinfo.LoadTypeLibEx(r"c:\windows\syswow64\oleacc.dll");ctypes.windll.oleaut32.RegisterTypeLib(p,r"c:\windows\syswow64\oleacc.dll", None)

If it says traceback, then the line didn't work, and it may have been pasted incorrectly. In that case, come back here and we'll figure out why.

6. Restart NVDA. Things should work again. If they don't, try rebooting.



They might even be able to roll back windows to a date before it happened and it may do the job.


I did also a while ago see another which was similar but it was when you installed a program called maths some thing where it would let nvda reads maths stuff but can not find a reference to it in the user guide now. When it was used it was good but when it was uninstalled it caused those type of problems as well.


You had to re install it again to fix the problem it caused.


Gene nz


On 9/07/2020 11:33 pm, Cearbhall O'Meadhra wrote:

Gene nz,


The problem exists on another computer where I am assisting someone to resolve their difficulty. My own PC is running fine. I have been in touch with the Microsoft Accessibility Help desk and it seems that there are some access issues with version 2004 of Windows 10. Would you advise me to install version 2004 or should I keep my current version which is:

Version 1903 (OS Build 18362.900)



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You might need some sighted help to do the following.


This is off my website and it may depend on the version you are using of nvda.


One part is for the older nvda and one for the newer nvda do not enter those details only the lines below each one.


Do you know the nvda version?


The very last part was for the run com tool but if you have done that and rebooted and it is still playing up look for your version number of nvda.


The later one has fixed it also on later versions of windows .


hope it helps


Troubleshooting - NVDA says “unknown” or “pane” in all of your browsers, Mozilla Thunderbird email client and other places
If for some reason you have problems with NVDA saying “unknown” or “pane” check for the following symptoms:

In all of your browsers, or the Mozilla Thunderbird email client, no matter what you do, you still hear “unknown” or “pane”.

In the browser, email client and other menus you notice you cannot get into your menus, or you are unable to use the quick navigation keys

When you have been told the page is loaded and notice strange behaviour

Mozilla Thunderbird saying unknown while you try to navigate it

Your applications key does not work with it being spoken out and other strange behaviour in Windows

The running applications icons are not being spoken out
It might be a good idea to do the following:
Please note: If you are hearing “unknown” or “pane” (as discussed above) NVDA might seem like it is still working properly but it may not be completely in Windows and other programmes.
You could try the following solution which will allow you to re-register your dll files in case they are causing the problem.
Press the Windows key then type the following into the search box. Type in “command prompt”. Once you have located command prompt, in the search results, press the Applications key to bring up the context menu. Arrow down to select “run as administrator” and press the Enter key. This will take you to a command prompt window. This will not be spoken out. You may need sighted assistance for this.
Type in the following command/s:
Old NVDA, Pre 2019.3
import comtypes,ctypes;p=comtypes.typeinfo.LoadTypeLibEx(r"c:\windows\syswow64\oleacc.dll");ctypes.windll.oleaut32.RegisterTypeLib(p,ur"c:\windows\syswow64\oleacc.dll", None)
Current NVDA 2019.3 onward
import comtypes,ctypes;p=comtypes.typeinfo.LoadTypeLibEx(r"c:\windows\syswow64\oleacc.dll");ctypes.windll.oleaut32.RegisterTypeLib(p,r"c:\windows\syswow64\oleacc.dll", None)

This should re-register all components in the system32 folder.
When it is finished, you can close the command prompt window with the Alt + F4 key. You should notice now where NVDA was saying “unknown” as in some examples given, NVDA should now read the icons in the running applications area of Windows, speak the content of the webpage and menus, and also in Mozilla Thunderbird and other places in Windows including the Windows applications context menu.
Run COM Registration Fixing tool
If you are getting any of the following problems below - with Windows unregistering some of the files needed by NVDA - the following tool section in NVDA will get you out of trouble. To access this tool press the NVDA key + letter N while NVDA is running. Arrow down to the tools menu. A submenu will come up. Arrow down to the menu called Run COM Registration Fixing tool... then press the Enter key.  It should register the files needed by NVDA.



Gene nz


On 8/07/2020 9:40 am, Cearbhall O'Meadhra wrote:



Just as in 2018 under issue #33784  NVDA says unknown instead of reading any content in Firefox and Chrome. It does work in Edge. All latest version of windows 10, Firefox, Google Chrome, Easy keys, and NVDA 2020.1.


The earlier issue seemed to relate to a windows update but I dont think there was an update in this case today.


Can anyone point to a solution? This problem began only about one week ago.


All the best,




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