Re: I have purchased vocalizer expressive, but where is my license key


Hi Rui,

Thanks for your reply. Got it now!

On 7/10/2020 8:39 PM, Rui Fontes wrote:
We already replied you in private...

Best regards,

Customer support

Tiflotecnia, Lda.

Às 14:35 de 10/07/2020, Socheat Muth escreveu:
Hi all, especially to the developer of the vocalizer expressive for NVDA

I have purchased the vocalizer expressive for NVDA, and I only receive PayPal e-mail confirmation about my order, but no actual e-mail from Tiflotecnia about my license. Is the license system suppose to be automatic, or it has to be processed manually? I also sent an e-mail to support contact found on the website, but I also email it in case the one I was sending not checked.


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