Re: nvda not speaking program/icon on the desktop when pressing first letter

hurrikennyandopo ...


I am sure you would of checked the following on the computer.

One that his speakers are plugged into the right whole and turned on.

On the computer the sound is not muted.

Press the windows key + letter R to bring up the run dialogue then type in sndvol then press the enter key.

The next screen that comes up will have the master volume make sure it is right up so you can hear it and not down on zero.

There is a box under it if checked it will mute the sound so make sure it is un checked.

If you can see nvda is running but not talking under that section I think there is a slider to make it louder there.

Also check when nvda is running that under the synth settings in nvda you press the nvda key + ctrl key + the letter S to bring it up.

Make sure under the synth section that it has a synth there and not set to no speech if it is set to that change it to e speak or another synth package.

Gene nz

On 13/07/2020 2:25 am, Fresh Start wrote:

Hi All, I am using NVDA 20.1 on a client’s windows ten pro laptop. When on the desktop or in a list of programs or files, NVDA doesn’t speak the name of a program or file when pressing it’s first letter.  However, the cursor does go to the location.  I know this by arrowing up and then down.  I tried maximizing but didn’t cause any change in behavior.  Any ideas to resolve the problem?  Thanks in advance.

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