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g melconian <gmelconian619@...>

Thanks just grabbed them.i will archive them in my network storage folder .

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There are 2 packages in this zip file.

one is the speech platform synth and voices there are quite a few languages there.

You need to install the run time file first then the synths.

the other one is RH voices and synths .

I will leave it in the drop box for 24 hours or so and you can download it from

The speech hub package page can be found at

there you can find out more info about it and its synths/voices.

you will need also to download the latest add on for 2020.1 or it might
be the version before.

The synth package will need to be installed first then you must install
the add on for nvda to see those synths/voices.

the link to the page where you can read more about it can be found at

The other one I just copied off my how to add additional components page
but the voices are at the bottom of this page can be found at

This was the page it came off which points to other free and paid
synth/voice packages at

hope it helps.

Gene nz

On 13/07/2020 3:23 pm, Ibrahim Ajayi wrote:
At the moment I am still using windows7 32bit. I am finding i
difficult to upgrade from windows 7 to 10.
So let me know aboutthe synthesizers you talked about.

On 7/13/20, hurrikennyandopo ... <hurrikennyandopo@...> wrote:

Which version of windows?

does it have to be in a certain language or is english ok.

Speech platform synth/voices might do the trick if before windows 10 I
have not tried them on Windows 10.

There is also the speech hub program that will work on computers from 7
to 10 but only in english.

Gene nz

On 13/07/2020 12:15 pm, Ibrahim Ajayi wrote:
Hi good people:
I am in ee of a free synthesizer for NVDA.

Before now, I used the I used the auto language for eloquence. I
didn't know that that program was a cracked one, and it no longer
works with NVDA.
I am not comfortable with the default speech of NVDA which is ESpeak,
because I don't understand the speech, and it is even too low. I also
know of narrator, or Microsoft API5, but I am also not comfortable
with that too. That synthesizer is also too low.
So, are there any free other synshesisers that I can try out.
At the moment I am managing the 40-minute version of JAWS.
I am Ibrahim.

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