Re: Possible bug with NVDA and Notepad++


The procedure you are using is intended for selecting and copying text when there is no cursor, such as in an error message. Do you know the Windows way of selecting text?

If this bug is a general one, it needs to be corrected but it appears many people use this method for selecting and copying text when the Windows method is available. The Windows method requires less key strokes and should be known because it is a part of Windows and is independent of any screen-reader.


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i reproduce cant selected text in firefox too.
its not specific for notepad plus plus.

On 7/14/20, William Wong <sine.kazurin@...> wrote:

For the sake of posting replicated issue on Github, I would like to
raise the issue here.

I came across a bug:

1. open any txt file with Notepad ++

2. select a start position by nvda f9

3. press ctrl end to move to end of document

4. press nvda f10 to mark as end position

5. sometimes nvda can perform selection, but will not automatically
speak the selected text, whereas sometimes nvda may say unable to select

I am not sure if this is a bug, or any one can give me any feedback?

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