Re: Possible bug with NVDA and Notepad++

Luke Davis

On Tue, 14 Jul 2020, William Wong wrote:

I came across a bug:
This is not a bug. You have conflated (confused) two different kinds of selection.

1. open any txt file with Notepad ++
2. select a start position by nvda f9
That is selecting with review mode. You should then use review commands (number pad in desktop keyboard mode), and then NVDA+F10 when you're finished (possibly twice).

This should only be used when the windows selection commands don't work.

> 3. press ctrl end to move to end of document

You are now moving cursors and such, which changes the screen. That will make review mode commands unpredictable. You can not use cursor movement commands while using review commands, and expect the review commands to keep working.

4. press nvda f10 to mark as end position
The review mode is only intended to work on a static screen. When you start changing the screen out from under it, you can't expect the review mode copy method to work any more. It's not a bug, that's how it's supposed to work. In fact it can't be any other way.

In an environment like NotepadPlusPlus, you can just use normal Windows selection and copy commands. Control+A to select all; Shift and arrow keys to select by character or line; shift and control+arrow keys to select words; Shift and home/end to select to start/end of line; and shift+control+home/end to select to the beginning/end of the document.

You should leave NVDA+F9/F10 out of it in applications like this.


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