Re: Possible bug with NVDA and Notepad++

William Wong

Not exactly have not read the file.

I here give two possible use situation for your reference

Case 1. I am reading a long article from a site, and I want to select the core text of the page and excluding other rubbish

After reading the article

1. I use h to located the article heading

2. Press nvda f9

3. use shortcut to locate end of the article, e.g. use h to find heading of comment

4. press nvda f10 twice

If not doing so, After finding the article heading I have to press ctrl shift down arrow many many many times in order to find the end of the article

Case 2: I am reading or editing a very long txt document and want to select part of the text

1. Probably I first use the find function of notepad++ to search for the end point

2. use normal keyboard keys to find the begining

3. press f3 to jump to the next search

4. use f10 to mark as end selection

And if not doing so, holding shift key and down arrow to find the end point of selection may cost extra time

Gene 於 15/7/2020 9:04 寫道:

If I understand your message, which I may not have when I first answered it, you are saying that if you haven't read the material before, you can set the start place, then set the end place as you read.  That's true.  I don't know how many people select in that way.  I don't recall ever selecting material unless I know already what I want to select.

Does the problem you are describing only occur on specific programs or in general?

-----Original Message----- From: Gene
Sent: Tuesday, July 14, 2020 7:57 PM
Subject: Re: [nvda] Possible bug with NVDA and Notepad++

You can move to the start point, then hold shift and move down by line while
holding the shift key, not releasing it at all.  You will hear each line you
are selecting as you move.  In your message, you said you first mark the
start point, then move to the end of the message.  So in your example, you
want to select from the start point to the end of the message. Move to the
start point, then use the command control shift end to move to the end of
the file and select from the start point to the end.

When you select, you use the movement commands with the shift added.  You
can hold the shift and move and hear what you are moving through such as
holding the shift, not releasing it, and repeatedly pressing down arrow.
You can use more than one movement command.  You can use shift down arrow,
then use shift plus right arrow.

-----Original Message----- From: William Wong
Sent: Tuesday, July 14, 2020 6:15 PM
Subject: Re: [nvda] Possible bug with NVDA and Notepad++

Hi thanks for the reply.

I know the normal way of Window selection by shift key, but using shift
key I have to keep pressing the shift key till I find the correct end
point of selection.

I found nvda f9/10 useful is because I can first mark the start point
with nvda f9, then I can move on to read the rest of the content and
decide on where to end selection.

Luke Davis 於 15/7/2020 0:23 寫道:
On Tue, 14 Jul 2020, William Wong wrote:

I came across a bug:
This is not a bug. You have conflated (confused) two different kinds of selection.

1. open any txt file with Notepad ++
2. select a start position by nvda f9
That is selecting with review mode. You should then use review commands (number pad in desktop keyboard mode), and then NVDA+F10 when you're finished (possibly twice).

This should only be used when the windows selection commands don't work.

 > 3. press ctrl end to move to end of document

You are now moving cursors and such, which changes the screen. That will make review mode commands unpredictable. You can not use cursor movement commands while using review commands, and expect the review commands to keep working.

4. press nvda f10 to mark as end position
The review mode is only intended to work on a static screen. When you start changing the screen out from under it, you can't expect the review mode copy method to work any more. It's not a bug, that's how it's supposed to work. In fact it can't be any other way.

In an environment like NotepadPlusPlus, you can just use normal Windows selection and copy commands. Control+A to select all; Shift and arrow keys to select by character or line; shift and control+arrow keys to select words; Shift and home/end to select to start/end of line; and shift+control+home/end to select to the beginning/end of the document.

You should leave NVDA+F9/F10 out of it in applications like this.


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