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I noticed the problem with a version that was older than the current version of betas but I didn't pay much attention to it because I use a much older version of NVDA usually. It does everything I want and its just easier to keep using it. But the recent nonbeta version I noticed this problem on has the same problem. I haven't tried announce cap for capital letters. I'll try it but I'm sure it will work.


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Just checking Gene, the subject says possible problem with the beta, but in the message you say it's been an issue in recent versions - Is something different in the Beta? Does it recognise if you use one of the other options to report capitals (say cap or beep)? And can you otherwise change the pitch of the voice?

The last SAPI 4 issue I recall being involved in was this one: interestingly also about pitch - there was a problem if you set pitch to 100% (because in rounding it ended up trying to set it to 101% from memory, which was out of range). Actually, I never did get confirmation from the original user whether that issue was still present - so if you are interested, if you could check that issue out as well that would help too please.

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On Thu, Jul 16, 2020 at 2:02 AM Gene <> wrote:
I use Via Voice with NVDA. It is installed by other programs I use and it
is unrestricted. If I use SAPI 4, Via Voice is used. I'm using Windows 7.
The capital pitch change doesn't work. I've verified this by trying many
pitch settings. Is this a more general problem or does it only affect MSAPI
4 or MSAPI4 when used with Via Voice? Which is another way of asking if the
problem is so limited it may not be worth addressing or if it’s a more
general one.

I've noticed this in recent versions of NVDA. I wonder if it is related to
the change in Python.



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