Re: NVDA links and buttons on websites

Sam Taylor

The website may be refreshing, but may not be alerting him to the fact that changes have occurred. Otherwise he could try focussing the review cursor on the button or link (Section 5.5 of the NVDA user guide), and either left clicking, or activating the current navigator object.

Activate current navigator object
Desktop: NVDA+numpadEnter
Laptop: NVDA+enter

Left mouse button click
Desktop: numpadDivide
Laptop: NVDA+[



On 16/07/2020 8:44 pm, Hettie wrote:

Hi all

Is there any solution for links and buttons that doesn't react to the enter key on certain websites? Pressing the NVDA key and slash on the keypad doesn't work either. A friend of mine started at a new job and this presents a major problem for him.


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