Re: NVDA links and buttons on websites

Jacob Kruger

Hettie, at times you might need to use the NvDA key + numpad /, to route mouse cursor to current position, followed by just the numpad / to then click the mouse button, or else, try the NVDA key + numpad enter key combo to perform default action?

And, sometimes you might need to actually use the tab key to land on a control and just hit the primary enter key to activate it - really depends on what the specific site is doing that is interfering with interaction.

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On 2020-07-16 12:44 PM, Hettie wrote:
Hi all

Is there any solution for links and buttons that doesn't react to the enter key on certain websites? Pressing the NVDA key and slash on the keypad doesn't work either. A friend of mine started at a new job and this presents a major problem for him.


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