NVDA has problems with Braille in Excel and Windows Mail App

Cristina Ebetiuc <ebetiucristina@...>

Hello all!

I have two Problems.

1. For some weeks I can't navigate by the Routing-keys when being in edit mode of a cell. I have tried to activate or deactivate the direct editing of cells in the advanced Settings. It doesn’t work. How can I correct this Problem?

2. Since yesterday I can*t read the Content in the Windows Mail App on the Braille line. It either says Nothing or it Shows mail or notifications which I get. I don't believe if that could be the problem.  But could this be because I reinstalled Office yesterday?  Ah and the reinstalling of Office doesn’t solve the Problem in Excel.

My System:

Windows 10 the May update I think, Office 2016, NVDA latest Version, Windows-Apps-essentials latest Version, Braille extender latest Version.

Thank you in Advance for the help.



Gesendet von Mail für Windows 10


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