Re: NVDA links and buttons on websites

Laughing Thunder

Perhaps, but it sounds like the original poster was talking about elements that don’t even work or identify themselves as buttons at all. For those you have to use the mouse to interact with them.

On Jul 16, 2020, at 12:18 PM, Gianluigi Coppelletti <> wrote:


what about using focus mode?

I encounter this issue in the backend of a cms that I use every day. Usually, to solve this problem, I press nvda+spacebar then I tab to the required button and I press enter.

For me it works.




Il 16/07/2020 12.44, Hettie ha scritto:
Hi all

Is there any solution for links and buttons that doesn't react to the enter key on certain websites? Pressing the NVDA key and slash on the keypad doesn't work either. A friend of mine started at a new job and this presents a major problem for him.



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