Re: NVDA links and buttons on websites

Luke Davis

I have seen the advice on github, to try control+enter, and shift+enter in some web browser contexts where enter and space fail.

This advice was already given, but I think it should be reiterated: it is sometimes necessary to move the cursor into a control before enter or space will work. In other words, if the button was called "play", it may only become pressable when you use the right arrow to get to the "l". That is dependent on various settings I believe, although I haven't dug deeply into it.

Also, object nav can sometimes be useful for these situations.

Lastly, changing browsers may help. For example, buttons on are totally unusable in Firefox with NVDA, while they work fine in any Chromium based browser such as Brave.


On Thu, 16 Jul 2020, Hettie wrote:

Is there any solution for links and buttons that doesn't react to the enter key on certain websites? Pressing the NVDA key and slash on the keypad doesn't work either. A friend of mine started at a new job and this presents a major problem for him.

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