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I made an error in the message quoted below. Where I said to use numpad star, I meant to say numpad asterisk.

To clarify, the command to move the cursor to the navigator position, in this case to the control, is num;pad enter, numpad asterisk.
The left mouse click is just num;pad asterisk.
So the sequence would be numpad enter, numpad asterisk, followed by just num;pad asterisk.


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Another way that may work is to move the mouse to the control and clicking
it. If the person is using the desktop layout, do the following:
Be on the control.
Issue the command numpad enter numpad star. That is, hold numpad enter,
then press star.
That moves the mouse to the control.
Click the mouse using just the star key.
So the seaquence is num;pad insert num;pad star, then star.

If that doesn't work, be on the control, turn off Browse Mode, then press
the space bar on the button. If it’s a link, try enter.

Also, some links may not work unless you move beyond the first letter of it.
While in browse mode, right arrow once past the first letter, then try

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From: Hettie
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Subject: [nvda] NVDA links and buttons on websites

Hi all

Is there any solution for links and buttons that doesn't react to the
enter key on certain websites? Pressing the NVDA key and slash on the
keypad doesn't work either. A friend of mine started at a new job and
this presents a major problem for him.


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