Re: office 2019 word and nvda

Luke Davis

Can you test whether this only happens if you use the keyboard shortcut letter, or also if you use the button directly?

For example:

Start Word.
Press enter to open a new document.
Enter some text.
Press alt+F4 to exit.

If you press "n" at this point, I assume you get the freeze. I know I do.

However if you do all of that again, but instead of pressing "n" you tab to "Don't save" and press enter, do you get the same freeze? I don't.

I can not replicate the part about NVDA not reading the search box properly. Try a Com Registration Fix for that, and also possibly try running with add-ons disabled.



On Thu, 16 Jul 2020, Shaun Everiss wrote:

I have not got a log for this but it happens every time I open office 2019 and then after closing it.

Nvda will stop responding for 10 seconds like look as if it just died but will eventually come back.

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