Re: McAfee Antivirus does not work with NVDA


Yeah, there is an article on a blog I am on on this.

We have windows defender.

That aparently is actually quite crappy now but with so many false positives who knows now days.

Someone says that kaspersky cloud is supposed to be good.

However I have so many games, and files which are false alarms even to malwarebytes, most of them bgt games, then the virtual recorder program and a few other actual programs, that I have lived with a lot of my drives excluded, my data drive is completely excluded, my backup drives are also excluded.

In fact all drive letters through to h are excluded from scanning, so are a lot of folders in program files.

Anything which is blindness related is excluded.

The only things the checker notices are windows itself and my user account and downloads, I have even excluded all my cloud locations because if there is a virus, the cloud system like dropbox becomes nicely stuck.

On 17/07/2020 1:11 am, Gene wrote:
That's not surprising.  Increasing numbers of antivirus programs don't work with screen-readers.  It may work with JAWS; you might want to try JAWS to see but I'm far from optimistic.

If you are using Windows 10, Windows Defender is highly rated and well thought of.  If Malware Bytes is still accessible, you may want to use that as well.

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Hello there,

It looks as though the new McAffee antivirus doesn't work with N'Vda.
It simply says:  "Chrome:  Cannot read old Chrome."


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