Re: McAfee Antivirus does not work with NVDA


On Thu, Jul 16, 2020 at 06:59 PM, Shaun Everiss wrote:
We have windows defender.

That apparently is actually quite crappy now but with so many false positives who knows now days.
It's easy for anyone to know "now days" and has been for years.  There are a number of large, very well-known, and well-respected organizations that do testing on security suites over and over and over again and frequently enough to let anyone who cares to look at their results know how things stand not only here and now, but historically if you look at the earlier testing results.

Where a given product lands depends on exactly how the given organization tests, but you will see clear trends regarding what security suites are best, and have been best for some time.  Windows Defender has been a top-shelf product, being in the top ten results consistently, since its major rework under Windows 8, and that has been carried over in to Windows 10.

Look at the most recent testing results from the following antivirus/security testing labs, along with the historical results from the past several years if you want to see how Windows Security/Defender has been performing.  Windows Security has been solidly in the top 10, often top 5, and frequently beats out several well-known competitors that one must pay for.

AV Test

AV Comparatives

SE Labs  (Reports Page)

MRG Effitas  (360 Protection Testing Category)

Virtually everything that's been mentioned here about the waxing and waning of accessibility with third-party security products has been said repeatedly.  Even my advice regarding how to find something that's as close to "objective" information about how various security suites perform "in real life, in the wild" have been offered before.

At this point, I'm requesting that this topic be brought rapidly to a close, though I'm not locking it.  If you want a product that is maximally accessible, and extremely good at its intended purpose, then use Windows Security.  It's just that simple.

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