Re: Control Alt N Not Working to Open NVDA


There is a setting in Windows 10 and I don't recall if it prevents short cuts from being placed on the desktop or if it prevents short cut keys from being assigned. I haven't seen it discussed for ;perhaps six months or more. Is there an extension on the desktop? If you open the properties for that extension and tab around, do you see the shortcut key in the field where it should be?

If you start tabbing around, don’t go back or ;press any other key but tab. When you get to the cancel button, activate it with the space bar.


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Hitting the hotkey twice in quick succession works most of the times,
if once didn't.

On 7/17/20, David Kingsbury <> wrote:
Hi all,

I am working with a student who, when she hits Control Alt N to open NVDA,
nothing happens. Same thing with hitting Control Alt J to open JAWS. I know
that it is set correctly in settings, so that is not the problem. Any idea
what the problem might be? Does it have anything to do with updating
or something like that? If so, what do you do?

Any assistance is appreciated.



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