Re: Control Alt N Not Working to Open NVDA

Chris Mullins

Hi David

Could you get your student to find the NVDA entry on the Desktop then press Alt+enter.  This will open the properties window for the shortcut where you can tab to the shortcut hotkey key control to check if it is properly set.  If it is not set, with focus on the hotkey control, press the letter n (Windows will automatically add the Control+Alt part), then tab to OK and press enter.





From: David Kingsbury
Sent: 17 July 2020 14:18
To: 'NVDA Discussion List'
Subject: [nvda] Control Alt N Not Working to Open NVDA


Hi all,


I am working with a student who, when she hits Control Alt N to open NVDA, nothing happens. Same thing with hitting Control Alt J to open JAWS. I know that it is set correctly in settings, so that is not the problem. Any idea what the problem might be? Does it have anything to do with updating drivers or something like that? If so, what do you do?


Any assistance is appreciated.






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