Re: Control Alt N Not Working to Open NVDA


I actually don't bother with this at least with nvda.

I do a windows key and r for run and type nvda.

Make sure the shortcut is there and just run it.

If the properties are not conflicting with something else well.

I have seen strangeness with keyboards doing weird things, if its wireless it could be battery related.

The ms boards don't seem to tell status,  the logitech stuff seems to though.

On 18/07/2020 1:18 am, David Kingsbury wrote:

Hi all,


I am working with a student who, when she hits Control Alt N to open NVDA, nothing happens. Same thing with hitting Control Alt J to open JAWS. I know that it is set correctly in settings, so that is not the problem. Any idea what the problem might be? Does it have anything to do with updating drivers or something like that? If so, what do you do?


Any assistance is appreciated.





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