Re: office 2019 word and nvda

Rui Fontes

See if that is enough:

IO - external:globalPlugins.NVDAExtensionGlobalPlugin.commandKeysSelectiveAnnouncementAndRemanence.MyInputManager.executeKeyboardGesture (21:19:59.334) - winInputHook (9456):
Input: kb(desktop):alt+f4
DEBUGWARNING - watchdog._watcher (21:19:59.899) - watchdog (14408):
Trying to recover from freeze, core stack:
  File "nvda.pyw", line 215, in <module>
  File "core.pyc", line 545, in main
  File "wx\core.pyc", line 2134, in MainLoop
  File "gui\__init__.pyc", line 1052, in Notify
  File "core.pyc", line 514, in run
  File "IAccessibleHandler\__init__.pyc", line 903, in pumpAll
  File "IAccessibleHandler\__init__.pyc", line 578, in processGenericWinEvent
  File "IAccessibleHandler\__init__.pyc", line 531, in winEventToNVDAEvent
  File "_UIAHandler.pyc", line 582, in isUIAWindow
  File "_UIAHandler.pyc", line 560, in _isUIAWindowHelper

IO - inputCore.logTimeSinceInput (21:20:20.583) - MainThread (8240):
21.249 sec since input
IO - speech.speak (21:20:20.583) - MainThread (8240):
Speaking [LangChangeCommand ('pt_PT'), 'C:\\Livros', 'janela']

Rui Fontes

NVDA portuguese team

Às 00:50 de 18/07/2020, Luke Davis escreveu:

It could be nice to have a debug level log of one of these cases where closing Word in this way results in other Windows elements, including Word, not working.

I was not able to replicate that portion of the scenario.

Please consider either posting one on the github issue, or sending one privately.


On Fri, 17 Jul 2020, Daniel Damacena wrote:

It happens to me sometimes, but not exactly when I close Office 19.I can solve this openning the task manager with control + shift + esc and restarting
windows explorer process.

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