Re: nvda and office 2019


My patience is below zero tonight, so forgive me if I'm prickly.

Firstly, your formatting idiosyncrasies made this message extremely, extremely, extremely, tedious to read. I don't know what the log is for. The subject line doesn't tell me what problem you were/are having, I don't get it. And, honestly, I don't have the energy to engage beyond this point.

I'm more than willing to concede that because I don't get all thread messages, I only get the first message of new topics, that I missed something. That's fine. Let me know. But, when you write extremely vacuous things like,

Well I don't know what or how much of this debug dump is actually usefull.

That means absolutely nothing to me. At all. What was the point of this log? Why not make a github ticket? Like, what's the point of this message.

If anyone wants to respond to me privately, do so, because I'm very, very, very, prickly tonight.

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