Re: caret browsing question?


You know I havn't needed to use that feature for a bit.

Granted nvda does have its own carrot settings so maybe thats why.

I havn't needed it but maybe wi will try it with some stuff.

I havn't needed screen layout either or anything like it.

On 18/07/2020 2:26 pm, Gene wrote:
Those who use Windows 10 Narrator may be able to discuss the question more. But for one thing, we don't even know if any screen-reader is aware of the virtual cursor used in caret browsing.  Just because a virtual cursor is present doesn't mean a screen-reader is aware of it and I doubt it is.  Just because a real cursor is present, doesn't mean a screen-reader is necessarily aware of it.

I just tried an experiment.  I turned off browse mode in NVDA.  I then turned on the virtual cursor in Firefox.  NVDA didn't respond in any way when I moved the arrow keys.

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Interesting. I figured it was redundant, but I guess you'd need it
without the virtual buffer, so it's probably more useful for things like
narrator then.

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