Re: my github issue solved


I did not understand your problem with GitHub.

If Git is installed on your Windows, you can clone projects with their URLs.
If you think you can't find the items you want in the interface, try pressing Win+up arrow in Chrome-based browsers.
This sometimes optimizes screen resolution well. For example, some sites may have menus off.
Some sites optimize the visual UI based on screen size and resolution.

On 18/07/2020 03:12, Shaun Everiss wrote:

Ok, I can get access to github.

Interestingly, I can only do this on google chrome or edge chromium.

Oh and I need to be logged in to clone.

Anyway after I find a menu called add file I can then click the code button and get access to things for a zip.

If I put .git at the end of a project I can clone in github easily enough.

I just wish there was a way to have a classic github mode though, while I often don't need a perminant project sometimes I want to get a look see for the hell of it and don't want to keep it.

It can be done, oh well there is microsoft influancing github.

On the up side, in some services, microsoft allows github logins and accounts.

However I can't find the signin link to github unless I directly go to github/login but then neither can I download skype without going to so whatever.



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