Re: 2020-2 rc1

Don H

restarting NVDA works sometimes but not always.

On 7/19/2020 11:33 AM, Joseph Lee wrote:
For anyone experiencing this, as Sarah pointed out, does restarting NVDA help? If not, does restarting with add-ons disabled help?

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Subject: [nvda] 2020-2 rc1

I installed NVDA 2020.2 RC1 on my win 10 2004 laptop.

I have found that on certain web sites using Google Chrome as my browser that the arrow keys don't work as they should to read the web page. Also on such things as my download folder and document folder it would appear that the folders are empty as you can not use the arrow keys to go down the list of items. Sighted help says that the list of items shows on the screen but again NVDA will not read them. Closing the folder and reopenning it may or not get the list to read as it should.

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