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OK, I'm having a temporary memory lapse here, and even searching my own records, but I could swear that there is an NVDA Add-On, and I thought it was Mozilla Apps Enhancements, that made it easy to re-order columns under Thunderbird without the need for drag and drop.  If it is, the documentation makes no mention of how that's done, and I have definitely forgotten.

If anyone can shed some light, it would be appreciated.

As an aside, Thunderbird 78 includes major changes to its UI and is still very much in beta stage.  It's completely unsurprising that existing add-ons, whether Thunderbird's own or screen-reader based, will not work correctly with it.  I'd expect this to remain the case until it gets a lot closer to release and the developers of said add-ons tweak them when release is imminent or right after it occurs.

If you are on the release channel for Thunderbird 32-bit, the latest version is 68.10.0

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