Re: NVDA works slowly in excel 2016


I don't know where it is in 2016, but I found I had to take Excel out
of Live Preview mode in order for it to work, just in case that is of
interest to some. Again, because of the version hell that is Excel &
MS products in general, I can't tell you specifically where that's
located, but check options, particularly under the view tab, though
again, it may be elsewhere. It made Excel usable again for me, whereas
before it wasn't.

On 7/22/20, Cearbhall O'Meadhra <> wrote:

I would also like to hear the answer to this from our resident NVDA

In my own experience, when I run a macro to process an Excel worksheet,
Excel slows down dramatically after each run of the macro so that I have to
restart the computer to get back to a speedy process. I have read that this
is a memory management problem with Excel which fails to flush out
previously used memory and so runs out of accessible memory slots.

I raise this here, in case you are finding this sluggishness right away when
you start NVDA or after working for a little while? In that case, I would
recommend that you put on the NVDA log for a full working session so that
the team can see just what the computer is doing and whether this is an
Excel issue or due to NVDA programming. I intend producing such a log myself
for both Ms. Word and Ms. Excel which both end up running slowly and
frequently crash!

All the best,


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From: <> On Behalf Of Martin
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Subject: Re: [nvda] NVDA works slowly in excel 2016

This issue is driving me mad Excel is becoming unusable with NVDA. NVDA
often reads the contents of the previous sells, for example if you arrow
between sells NVDA will read the contents of the sell you left and not the
sell you entered.

It is really slow switching between sheets.

What is the fix for this?

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