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I have not heard of a add on for whats app for nvda.

A while ago but never posted but updated is a tutorial I did for whats app for web and I also downloaded the app version to see the difference.

Pretty much the same.

the tutorial will be added below.

I just can not remember if the golden cursor add on would let you lable those buttons I think it was only hot spots then you had to use the elements list to get to them if you did not shift/tab etc to get to them.

The updated part for the tutorial was saying what the buttons were on the main part of the app etc.

It is a draft.

Hope it helps.

*Using WhatsApp with nvda

*WhatsApp  for web
There is a app version which you can install on to your computer. The app version is the same as the web version in looks. Both the web version and app version can not do audio or video at present.
so you can only send and recieve messages on the computer.
You will need to go to the following web address at   
Before you can use the web version you must have it setup on your mobile phone and already have a account setup. After you have signed into the app on your phone you will need to go to more options...settings....whats app web and double tap. This will also need to be done on the computer you are using.then you will have to scan in a Qr code. If the code needs to be refreshed while on the graphic use the NVDA key + enter key to do this. from the monitor for it to sign you in.
The computer must be on the same web address as above.

when you go to scan in the QR code The QR code is on the top right corner of the screen.

This can be a little tricky to do but after it scans the code what shows on your phone will show on your computer monitor.
You will neeed to do this from your phone to scan in the 'QR code.
The phone might vibrate when it has scanned in the code then mirror your phone.

Keyboard shortcuts for WhatsApp for Windows desktop
If you’ve installed the WhatsApp app on your Windows 10/8/7 desktop, you might find the following keyboard shortcuts very useful.
Start new chat
Create a new group
Open Profile Status
Select all
Zoom in
Actual size
Zoom out
Next chat
Previous chat
Archive chat
Delete chat
Mark as unread

*After you have signed into the whats app on the web
*Quick navigation keys that can be used with NVDA

You can use the following B for buttons, E for editable fields, F or form fields, H for headings, K for link,
For some reason on the buttons you can not use the space bar or enter key you need to use the NVDA key + Enter key on the numeric keypad to activate them.
On some sections the enter key will work You can use The up, down, left and right arrow keys along with CTRL + home for the top of the page and CTRL + END for bottom of the page.
From the page after you have logged in as you go down the page you will hear the following button status, new chat button, menu button, button but if arrowed up once you will hear clickable turn on desk top notifications, or arrow down you will hear Search or start new chat
  Just under it is a editable area where you can type.
Under the editable area you will also hear the following No chats
Keep your phone connected
WhatsApp connects to your phone to sync messages. To reduce data usage, connect your phone to Wi-Fi.
WhatsApp is available for Windows. Get it here.

*Status button

When you go into this section you will hear the following My StatusNo updates
Click on a contact to view their status updates

*New chat button

under the new chat section you will hear the following read out by NVDA
New chat
Search contacts you can search for a contact on your list here.
New group you can add people to a group you setup up to 256 people.

Amanda Hutton
Ray Pope
Hey there! I am using WhatsApp.
Nathan Wheeler
Hey there! I am using WhatsApp.
Larry And Ali Gray
Hey there! I am using WhatsApp.
Graham Posen
Hey there! I am using WhatsApp.
New chat

*Menu button

Under this section you will hear nvda say clickable button   New group. You can have up to 256 people in your group up from 100

clickable button  Profile  ADD PROFILE PHOTO
Your Name
This is not your username or pin. This name will be visible to your WhatsApp contacts.
Hey there! I am using WhatsApp.

Clickable button   Archived Archived chats
No archived chats
If you have not arkhived any chats then you will get the above message.
Starredclickable button Starred messages
No starred messages
Settings Get notified of new messages
Turn on desktop notifications
Hey there! I am using WhatsApp.
Chat Wallpaper
clickable button log out. If you log out from the web version of this app you will need to scan the QR code again to sign into the web version.

*Adding contacts

On your phone go into where your contacts are then add the persons name and mobile number. They will need to do the same on there end. There details will be uploaded to the app so either data or wifi will need to be on to to do this..

*New chat

If you want to text  chat one of your contacts locate the new chat button then press the nvda key +enter key on the numeric keypad. You will then be given the following Gen Search contacts
New group
A list of your contacts will come up you will need to choose one. Ray Hope
Nathan Whyte
Locate the person you want to chat with and Press the enter key on the person you want and then you will be given some options such as 
You will hear attach, Open emojis panel
Type a message
Type in your message etc then send it.
After typing up the mesage just hit the enter key and it will be sent.
 Just under the is a un labled button just under the area where you typed your message to the person where you can also send a audio message. It looks like a mic. You will need to allow your device first which will pop up but may not be spoken out. Tab to the allow button and you should be able to send a audio mesage after that.
Make sure you are focused on the button just under the chat. You will need to be in browse mode to do this. Press the space bar to start recording the message. You can arrow up to see the duration of the message but make sure you arrow down to the button againand then press the space bar again to stop and send your message to that person.
You will need a web cam with a mic or just a mic to be able to send a audio message.

*Sending a attachment

If you want to send any attachments to your message while still on the persons chat pane with different things you can do you will need to use the shift/tab key to get to the attachments button. The attachments button may be above or below the area where you are. When you have located the attachments button press the nvda key + enter key and you will be given the following options such as 1st button Photos & Videos; 2nd button Camera; 3rd button Document; and 4th button Contact. At present, these 4 buttons are unlabelled.

 You can also review the messages you have sent to them.

Hey there! I am using WhatsApp.
Chat Wallpaper

If you log out you will need to scan in the QR code again unless you leave your self signed in.

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It seems as if more listers than only I are interested in an add-on for better functionality. If one does not exist, can one of the brilliant developers of NVDA PLEASE develop one. If not, can anyone with more knowledge please try to compile a list of usable shortcuts. We will truly appreciate that too.


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