Re: Question about IF Interpreter NVDA add-on

JM Casey

I’ve used Winfrotz before with jFW at least…it’s been a while. I also ran something called filfre, which I think I still have.

Could you not use the review cursor to read content displayed after issuing commands?

Having a braille display when playing these types of games is very nice actually. Well, it is in general, I find, but I realise this is far outside many peoples’ reach.




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Sent: July 22, 2020 5:44 AM
Subject: [nvda] Question about IF Interpreter NVDA add-on


So, I have downloaded frotz for my pc and, tried to load a game with it. However, nvda didn't read anything. so, I installed the IF Interpreter NVDA add-on. Well, this add-on is not supported with NVDA 2020 I forget the version. Anyway, is there any way I can play interactive fiction with frotz with NVDA?

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