Re: Question about IF Interpreter NVDA add-on


Nick did give me an addon to 2020.

Just checked his github and its there.

so you have 2 options

1.  go to

2.  extract that to a folder of your choice.

go to that folder and enter the nvda addons master folder

go to applications

go to if interpreters.

highlight all the files with control a.

right click the files.

Using 7zip or something, 7zip can be gotten from.


You can then tell the program to create a zip not 7zip, but zip file.

Name the .zip extention to nvda-addon.

highlight the zip file.

hit f2.

hit end.

hit back space 3 times.

type nvda-addon in the place of .zip.

hit enter.

You should be able to install the package.

Alternitively you can just download the file.

I'll leave this up for a bit.

For anyone else wanting nicks stuff it appears that most of the stuff he has is uncompiled like this.

On 23/07/2020 8:50 am, Luke Davis wrote:
I'm not sure it's the best solution, but just a thought: you could download a 2019.2.1 version of NVDA, and make a portable copy in some folder. Then run it, install that add-on in it, and use that portable for game playing.


On Wed, 22 Jul 2020, wrote:

So, I have downloaded frotz for my pc and, tried to load a game with it. However, nvda didn't read anything. so, I installed the IF Interpreter NVDA add-on.
Well, this add-on is not supported with NVDA 2020 I forget the version. Anyway, is there any way I can play interactive fiction with frotz with NVDA?

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