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Quentin Christensen

In NVDA's tools menu is an option called "COM Registration Fixing Tool" which is designed to fix this kind of problem:

1. Press NVDA+N to open the NVDA menu
2. Press T for tools
3. Down arrow to "COM Registration Fixing Tool"
4. Press ENTER, and follow the prompts.
Once done, restart the computer to be sure, and hopefully everything should work again.


On Thu, Jul 23, 2020 at 9:22 AM Roger Stewart <paganus2@...> wrote:
This happened to me a couple of weeks back. It just started happening one day and then after a few hours, it cleared itself up. I did nothing I know of to start or stop it. Hope it will go away for you.


On 7/22/2020 5:48 PM, Robert Doc Wright godfearer wrote:
this is the message I get whenever I open a web page. I get the same thing when I go to the task bar and press the arrow keys.
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