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It was helpful thanks. Atutorial would be good. Where can I subscribe to?



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the new look face book does not seem to have short cuts spoken out as they are probably not there. I just had a quick look it seems it is in beta.


You can change back to the classic face book where they will be spoken etc I just tried it with the new edge.


When you go to log out of face book just before you log out it says switch back to classic face book press the enter key on it. It will then ask why close that screen then it will revert back.


It seems you may be able to switch between them 2 so if this is the case I will have a sus of the new one  and might right up a tutorial for it.


This is with the main face book not the mobile one I was looking at.


Gene nz


On 24/07/2020 6:00 am, Cristina Ebetiuc wrote:


I have googled and tried out shortcuts for Facebook on the web but they don’t work. How can I make tehm work? Has NVDA a Problem with Facebook?

I use Google Chrome and the latest NVDA Version.



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