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JM Casey

I use it too, but just because it’s less of a headache. I guess that makes it better, for our purposes, but it is not exactly a full facebook experience like the regular site. It is also buggy and very low priority. Even though it is called “facebook mobile”, most mobile users use the app and don’t bother with the web interface, so there’s virtually no impetus to fix things when  they go wrong. There are unexpected glitches and things you’d think would be easy to accomplish that simply can’t be done. And if you are doing something like adding invites friends to a group or event, you have to keep clicking through pagea after page…same with going back through your messages: “See more, see more, see more”…argh gimme a break, so annoying.

But yeah, it is certainly easier to do simple stuff like read your news feed – it is like facebook: the Neutered version and I’m mostly ok  with that, bugs and annoying scrolling notwithstanding.




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It is so much easier to use the mobile Facebook website. If you use m., you can just use the same commands as you would for any web page. You simply have categories like friends, messages, and so on, and you just press enter on those links. I have never been able to use the full Facebook website. Even with the supposed commands, they never work for me. The mobile Facebook website is so much better, because you navigate it just like you would with hattings, links, and so on on any website. The mobile Facebook site is very simplified and easy to use without all of the clutter. Have a great one!


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I have googled and tried out shortcuts for Facebook on the web but they don’t work. How can I make tehm work? Has NVDA a Problem with Facebook?

I use Google Chrome and the latest NVDA Version.



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