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james mullish <jamesseller1998@...>

When I log into qcsalon.net/en/ it puts a p in the username field and, I don’t know how do get rid of it because, when I hit backspace, it deletes my username. I have done this at least 6 times with the same result.



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Yes, qcsalon.net (the play room) is a good place for play chess online with other people.

If you want play of-line, also is possible use the classic program of chess from Windows 7 in Windows 8 and 10:


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El jue., 23 de jul. de 2020 a la(s) 18:02, Tony Ballou (cyberpro224@...) escribió:

Hi Anthony,


Here's another site where you can play chess. 





On 7/23/2020 2:52 PM, anthony borg wrote:

Hi all


Does anyone can tell me if there is any free chess softwarefor NVDA please? If so, can you send me the link.

Thanks in advance




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