Topics on Games - Please take them to the Chat Subgroup #adminnotice


Hello All,

             I am requesting that topics related to games be taken to the Chat Subgroup.  The Group Rules state: Before choosing where to post, please ask yourself the question, “Is what I’m about to ask directly related to controlling or using NVDA, or whether a specific program is accessible with NVDA?”  If that can be answered, “Yes,” then post to the NVDA Group, and if the answer is, “No,” then the topic belongs in the NVDA Chat Subgroup.

              That's where topics on games belong, unless you are asking a very specific question on how to access something during play with NVDA or whether a given game is accessible at all with NVDA.  Even then, I'd consider asking this on the Chat Subgroup first, as these discussions tend to focus on the game in question with NVDA as a tangent, at best.

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