Re: strange problems with hims QBraille XL and screen reader

Afik Souffir


Hi diana,


  1. Yes its behave like this connected to usb and Bluetooth.
  2.  The symbols are written just fine in other languages.
  3. Hybrid mode is on.
  4. There is not an option for Hebrew code on Hebrew, just computer braille.
  5. Its not a recent problem, its work like this always.

About the panning buttons and the cursor routing keys, I have this problem as well.











Afik Souffir


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Ok, your issue poses many question:


1. Does the QBraille behave this way connected with both USB and Bluetooth?

2. Does punctuation work in other languages?

3. Do you have Hybrid Mode on?

4. Are you working in the Hebrew braille code or computer braille? 

5.  If Hebrew, have you tried computer braille?

6. Has it always worked this way or only a recent problem?

7. If you are connected through Bluetooth, have you paired both the display and the screen reader separately? If you are using USB, that I know this isn't necessary.  


I am having issues with my QBraille too, and JAWS, but it works fine in USB, not in Bluetooth. In Bluetooth, the cursor routing buttons and panning buttons are inoperative. I've been told it's the version of Windows I'm using, but I don't believe this because these issues started long before the current windows version, and apparently, though I haven't tested it yet, it works fine with NVDA. 


This is sad, because I love the QBraille but was hoping to be able to connect with Bluetooth. 



On Jul 24, 2020, at 2:20 AM, Afik Souffir <afik.souffir@...> wrote:


Hi list,


I have QBraille XL from Hims, and so far its cool device!


But I have problems with NVDA and other screen readers.


When I'm trying to type on the perkins keyboard in Hebrew, its does write the letters and numbers, but its doesn't write the symbols like comma, full stop, question mark and so on.

In the display's notepad for example its working just fine, all the symbols are written correctly.


So its not related to the display itself, its related to the screen reader.


Any help is appreciated.







Afik Souffir


Portable: 0505782208

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