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Hettie <woehler.hettie@...>

Hi all

Sorry I only react now but that is because of a family crisis.

Thanks for all the very helpful suggestions, I didn't know them myself before you told me they exist.

Unfortunately it seems as though this website doesn't accept any of them. I can't share the url as it is the company's cloud program. They were told by the programmers that they need to rewrite the complete website to make the necessary accessibility changes. I'm not a programmer but is it not possible to add some code to the existing software to accomplish the use of keyboard input?

You're a great source of information, thanks again.


On 2020/07/16 3:36 pm, Brian Vogel wrote:
On Thu, Jul 16, 2020 at 06:44 AM, Hettie wrote:
on certain websites
Can any of these "certain websites" be shared?  It's far better to have an example to work with whenever possible.

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