Re: When Nvda keys appear to freeze, also window keys appear to freeze.

Sarah k Alawami

Maybe. I really don't know. I noticed this on a system running 32 gigs or ram and my shadow that runs 12.. A restart fixed it, but it is still annoying as this might happen at system boot up, or mid what ever I'm doing on either machine.


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On 27 Jul 2020, at 7:48, Felix G. wrote:

I have observed these freezes in a few instances, and in all of them
the computer was low on available cpu resources. Could the problem be
related to the watchdog? What if the watchdog kicked in and prevented
NVDA from being notified of a release code, whereupon NVDA would
behave as if the key in question were held down indefinitely?

Am Mo., 27. Juli 2020 um 14:47 Uhr schrieb Hareth hareth4m@...:

Even without addons that happens here.
I deal with it as a minor thing, goes away with restarting NVDA.
BTW its not just a new NVDA version issue, Its was occurring for years
here now specially since win10 came up NVDA key would stop functioning
every now and then. I thought it was happening because I change usage
between FS JAWS and NVDA so often in one session.
I might been wrong though.

On 7/27/20, Quentin Christensen quentin@... wrote:


You have a bunch of add-ons running there, if you restart NVDA without them
does it make a difference?

On Sun, Jul 26, 2020 at 5:10 AM Sarah k Alawami marrie12@... wrote:

Using Nvda version 20. On windows 10 1909. I noticed that the keys will
freeze. That is, control left in control right, and things like that. I
know that someone reported this before. We starting Nvda works to fix
I’ve also done the Com registration tool as well. I’ve seen us in
Thunderbird, discord, jarred, just about everywhere. Here’s a log.

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