Re: Two problems with NVDA 2020.2


for your second question,
i wish that i can help you.
nvda 2020.1 has an useful feature that i believe that it can helps many users!
• NVDA will prevent the system from locking or going to sleep when in say all.
if it does not work for you and nvda still has not SayAll for large files,
then in the search of your windows,
just type screen saver and turn it off.
screen saver prevents nvda from reading large documents when it
becomes activated.

On 7/29/20, Gloomy_Apple <> wrote:
Hello all!

I have just finally moved on from the NVDA 2019.2 version and updated to the
newest one. However now I'm having two problems with it. I'm pretty sure
that the first one has been already mentioned in the group though in regard
to a different version, but can't find the topic for the life of me so
apologies if this is repetitive.

1: I have the "Speak Typed Characters" option on most of the time, and now
after the update, when I'm on the desktop and navigating to a specific icon
by its first letter, NVDA will only say the letter but not the name of the
icon afterwards. I've heard that this was a problem in the 2019.3 version
with older speech synths however I'm using Acapela (for Sapi5, not for NVDA)
so was quite surprised to see this problem. I turned the Speak Typed
Characters option off for now but if this is something I can fix myself, I'd
really appreciate any advice.

2: When using the NVDA+Down Arrow to read continuously, NVDA will stop after
a while. I assume that it stops when reaching the end of a paragraph, or
before a heading.

Are these just some bugs in this version that will be removed later or is it
something that I can get back to working properly as someone who's not
extremely techy? Do you guys have any suggestions how to deal with this.

Best wishes.

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