Re: Using the num pad keys to review text


check to see which mode you are in. You needd to be in object review, not screen review for the commands you are discussing to work when you are in Word, according to the very little testing I just did, based on your question.


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From: Governor staten
Sent: Wednesday, July 29, 2020 1:50 PM
Subject: [nvda] Using the num pad keys to review text

This issue refers to the same friend of mine who has issues with his
Braille display. I say that only as reference. I don't see these issues
as linked.

He has opened a word document. He cannot use the numpad 4 and 6 keys to
review text, like with Jaws. Is this expected functionality or is there
something I've forgotten to tell my friend to help him better? When I
open a word document and attempt to read word for word using numpad 4
and 6, I get the same result he does. I don't see any of the text in the
document, but, the name of the document and menu options.

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