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Robert Doc Wright godfearer

joseph, do you know of any reason why NVDA does not work on my new HP Pavillion? This is speaking even of the latest version. I cannot go to web sites nor use the task bar. I have tried the fix it tool with no positive result. Even tyler sent a possible fix but unfortunately it did not work either. I am not sure what information I can send you that might give a clue as to what has gone wrong.
It works fine on my Dell.

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From: Joseph Lee
Sent: Wednesday, July 29, 2020 12:08 PM
Subject: [nvda] Announcement: NVDA 2020.2 and Joseph Lee's add-ons

Hello everyone,

Although I do encourage feedback about my add-ons on this list, if you have concerns you think should be brought up to me directly, please message me privately (this also includes sending logs that has to do with errors with my add-ons).


On behalf of many code contributors outside of NV Access, I would like to welcome you to NVDA 2020.2 era. The biggest highlight from this release is improved productivity – Windows Terminal support, more responsive Windows OneCore synthesizer, and much more. As always, feedback about NVDA 2020.2 is appreciated, and developers are working hard to bring improved user experience and other changes in NVDA 2020.3.


A few things to note regarding Joseph Lee’s add-ons now that NVDA 2020.2 stable version came out yesterday:


  • All maintained add-ons are compatible with NVDA 2020.2.
  • Add-on Updater: the policy for this add-on is to support the latest stable version only. At the moment NVDA 2020.1 or later is supported, but sometime in September, NVDA 2020.2 will be required to use Add-on Updater.
  • Enhanced Touch Gestures: a few weeks ago I announced that two features will be removed from this add-on: coordinate announcement beep and temporary touch passthrough. These features will be removed in September (20.09 release).
  • StationPlaylist: next week, version 20.08 will be released, containing scoped set of fixes and optimizations from upcoming version 20.09. Along with this, version 20.08 will present a message at startup if you happen to be running Studio 5.20, informing you that upcoming 20.09.x (LTS) will be the last release series to support Studio 5.20. These LTS (long-term support) releases won’t show up until fall. People using later Studio releases won’t have to worry about it, but note the following: sometime in early 2021, StationPlaylist add-on will require NVDA 2020.3 or later due to an important change that affects the graphical user interface of this add-on.
  • Windows 10 App Essentials: version 20.08 (requiring NVDA 2020.1 due to add-on support policy) was planned for release next week. However, a showstopper issue was discovered with upcoming Windows 10 Version 20H2 feature update (currently in beta) that necessitates delaying this release until after August Update Tuesday (August 11, 2020) in order to see if the next cumulative update for 20H2 beta resolves it (the showstopper issue has to do with NVDA and Narrator not announcing toast notifications, and Microsoft is aware of this bug). Coupled with the fact that Windows 10 App Essentials 20.08 will require NVDA 2020.1 or later, this delay would help more people meet NVDA 2020.2 and provide feedback to NV Access, along with fulfilling a promise I made a few days ago: I will wait two weeks after NVDA 2020.2 shows up prior to releasing the next WinTenApps update.


I’m giving you an early heads up so you won’t be caught off-guard and prepare accordingly. I’ll provide details on add-on releases when they show up, starting with StationPlaylist 20.08 next week.



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